SAS Programs

Education Programs:

Neville Osmond Forsythe Sr. Scholarship Fund (Click Here)

This scholarship will financially support a deserving individual that has applied to a certified culinary school as well as a youth that is attached to a boys scout troop in need of assistance to attend troop trips.

10K Hours Math & Reading Program (Click Here)

Our math & reading program is designed to help middle and secondary school level students prepare for standardized testing (ACTs, SATs, etc.) through repeatable muscle memory exercises. We use the Harkness Method in all of our programs.

Ole Brook STEM Scholarship (Click Here)

This scholarship was created for high school seniors who plan to study science, technology, engineering, or math. Click here for more information about this scholarship.

Books for Young Readers (Click Here)

Profit from purchases on our online bookstore is used to purchase reading material for underprivileged children in the community. 

Service Academy Prep (USNA, etc.) (Click Here)

Get connected with a service academy graduate who will provide guidance through the Service Academy application process.


Community Programs:

Professional Training

This program provides relevant training for the corporate environment, such as resume coaching, executive presence, and technical skills (Microsoft office suite, etc). 

Explore Your World (Click Here)

Service After Service encourages everyone to go out and get involved in your community and beyond. We promote engaging events to inspire creativity, and connectivity to the global community as well as participation in community enrichment groups.  We encourage partners and volunteers to chronicle their experiences in an educational manner as they travel, in order to share with others that may not be able to afford that experience.

Confidence Through Modeling (Click Here)

Work with a professional modeling coach for one hour who teaches confidence, self-awareness through modeling. Click here to book you're one hour class now. 

Clothing Drives

We know that it is beneficial to those in need to hold clothing drives throughout the year and not just during the winter months. Donate clothes new and gently used during one of our clothing drives to aid with the changing seasons throughout the year.

My Best Self (Click Here)

My Best Self offers a free makeover and photography session for anyone who is recovering from a life-threatening illness. Click here to sign up. 

Health & Wealth:

Financial Literacy Workshops (Click Here)

This is a free educational workshop for small businesses, corporations, churches, and other community organizations to end financial illiteracy in communities across the nation. This workshop is taught by an NPR featured, financial specialist.

Milk & Honey Healthy Meals (Click Here)

Service After Service believes that all people should have access to healthy meals or the tools to learn how to create them.  Your donation helps local chefs provide healthy home cooked meals for veterans and others in local communities. This program also delivers fresh Panera Bread to veterans in select Connecticut locations.  Join our mailing list to see where we will be next. Y

Track & Field Program (Click Here)

This is a free program offered to middle and high schools students in Connecticut.  This program is currently only in Ansonia.  Click the link above to sign up or donate to this program.  Your donations help with the purchase of track shoes and t-shirts for participants.