10K Hours Math and Reading Program

This program has a large focus on the most enriching S.T.E.A.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics) programs for our youth.  This program is designed to help middle and secondary school level students prepare for standardized testing (ACTs, SATs, etc.) through repeatable muscle memory exercises. We use the Harkness Method in all of our programs.

Service After Service collaborates with NSBE, NSBE Jr., local businesses, schools, and universities to further promote STEAM education for middle and secondary school level students. Standardized and structured STEAM programs are designed to prepare youth for ACTs, SATs, and other standardized testing. 


Your kids will advance through math and reading concepts incrementally, building on each previous day's work. They will master each concept at their own pace, ensuring nothing in their math and reading education is missed. Their experience will support their school work, giving them better preparation for homework completion and tests. 


Your kids will add to their reading and writing skills by increasing vocabulary, improving spelling and truly understanding grammar. Their comprehension skills will improve, carrying over to all classes where accurately understanding directions and content is crucial.


As your child progresses, you’ll see them developing skills beyond math and reading, giving you the confidence that they are prepared to succeed in life.  Parents tell us they see their kids’ focus and attention span increase—two essential skills for getting the most out of class time and for completing homework and tests.