Fiscal Sponsorship Fees

Regular Fees

Fee Amount

Fee Description

Annual Fee

$250 or $1000

$250 is charged to all operating fiscally sponsored organizations on an annual basis if they are using their own insurance. $1,000 is charged if the sponsored organization plans to be covered under the Service After Service insurance policy.

Administration Fee


Charged on all private donations (not grants), etc.

Grant Administration Fee


Charged on all incoming grants.

Conditional Fees

Fee Amount

Fee Description

Project Management Fee


Charged to all fiscally sponsored organizations that will require project management support from Service After Service.

Error Donation Fee


Charged to refund donations made in error.

International Check Fee


Charged by the bank to process incoming checks issued from banks outside of the U.S.

Payment Refund Fee


Charged to refund a payment.

Returned Donation Fee


Charged by the bank on checks returned by the donor’s bank (insufficient funds, closed account, etc.)

Stop Payment Fee


Charged by the bank to stop payment on checks.

Pre-paid Card Fee


Annual fee is charged for the use of a pre-paid card to manage funds for the sponsored organization. Includes bank and service fees.

Background Check Fee


Charged for all background checks performed by Service After Service – contact us for details.

Conversion Fee


Charged on all incoming Disbursement Requests that are not submitted electronically (email or fax). This fee covers the cost of staff time to convert the mailed contents into an electronic document.

Closure/Transfer Fee

2% (negotiable)

Negotiable but no less than 2% of assets is assessed when Service After Service transfers assets from a closing program to another 501c3 organization. This includes fund transfers to a charity affiliated with the Program Manager.

Domestic Bank Wire Fee


Charged to wire funds to U.S .banks.

FedEx Delivery Fee


For express deliveries and will increase depending on the timeframe requested and destination. Fees also apply to other mail carriers UPS, DHL, etc.

Research Fee


Charged when extensive copies of records or research is requested, including historical account information.

Other Fees


Some services may be required beyond the sponsorship services outlined above. These can result in additional charges, as follows. Service After Service reserves the right to assess these fees as we determine necessary. To the extent reasonably possible, Service After Service will disclose such extraordinary costs to the Program Manager in advance of proceeding with the fulfillment of these requests, which require work that is above and beyond our normal services.

* All fees are subject to change without notice.