After leading men and women in the service of our nation, we now lead them in building our nation.

Toyota Kata Training

Remember the last time you had that "ah-ha" moment? How did it feel?

Service After Service will bring this feeling back to you again and again during their Toyota Kata Training. This 3 day workshop will provide you with hands on training that will leave you truly empowered to take charge and begin the process within your own organizations. Every "ah-ha" moment brings you closer and closer to your improvements. Begin with Service After Service Toyota Kata Training to see the transformation within your organization!

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Leadership Workshop

Want to learn what only 8% of the population is privy to in regards to leadership?

Battle tested leadership training that delivers mission critical success in and outside the boardroom.  As a leader, your success is dependent on the success of the people you're leading. Our Leadership training is aimed at giving leaders new skills and helping them change their behaviors to go from being a top individual contributor to a leader of people.  Our team is comprised of military Academy grads and experienced professionals that have honed their skills from life experiences.

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Lean Transformation

An honest relationship with the right lean manufacturing consultants can make all the difference in the world when it comes to improving the health of your manufacturing company. Service After Service provides lean manufacturing consultancy with a wide range of lean manufacturing services to support partners in improving their operational efficiency. Our primary services include lean manufacturing consulting, lean moonshine strategies, lean management training, and team leader coaching. We believe in the importance of understanding you and your vision for your business, people, and the processes that run them.

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