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Archibald Finch and the Lost Witches: (Book 1, illustrated)

Archibald Finch and the Lost Witches: (Book 1, illustrated)

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Author: Michel Guyon

ISBN: 1732569991

Number Of Pages: 350

Publisher: Line 8

Release Date: 2018-10-16

Details: Who has never dreamt of being whisked away to a world of fantasy, ruled by magic, and populated by mythical creatures? Well... not Archibald Finch. Exploring his Grandma’s manor, an adventure is not what he was looking for —only his Christmas present. Instead, it’s a family secret he stumbles upon. Key to that mystery, an ancient terrestrial globe, populated by the most fantastic beasts. When he unlocks the storm trapped inside, Archibald is thrust into the unknown —a dark land where a battle started in the Middle Ages is still unfolding. Beware, broomsticks don’t fly in Lemurea. But Marodors do…


A.K.A. the Orbatrum. The last link to a time of great fears and superstitions. What happened 500 years ago would have remained buried forever, if not for an 11-year-old boy.


Cursed with a gift, Archibald knows everything, except why it is he knows so much. But all the knowledge in this world will be of little help in the adventure he just got sucked into.


A land of small wonders and great scares, haunted by a battle born in the darkest of ages. On the frontline, an army of young witches, lost in time. Down here, It's light versus darkness, magic versus fire. Some say, good versus evil.


The likes of which you have never seen. Part beast, part human, they are the original dragons, which will make you forget everything you thought you knew about dragons.


A heart-stopping quest, from a sister left behind. Setting out on her own journey, Hailee will have to adapt, as she unveils the grim plans of a mysterious priest.


Two breathtaking stories, running parallel with one another, but tightly intertwined. Two worlds, on a perilous collision course...

The first installment in a phenomenal series, The Lost Witches reads like an addicting thriller —and sets the stage for more adventures to come for Archibald Finch.

EAN: 9781732569997

Package Dimensions: 9.0 x 6.0 x 1.0 inches